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Since 2006 HumanRobot Collective has been conducting organizational research programs, training and coaching services, workshops; providing on-the-job consulting activities and CSR (ESG)-programs for businesses and non-profit organizations.

What Do We Do?

Our collective provide services in the field of

Our Clients

We provide our services for big companies and also for small non-profit organizations.

McDonald's (2014 – 2022)

– complete organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members
– trainings for franchise partners
– special organizational research programme in the restaurants

Chameleon Zrt. (2021 – 2022)
(a startup which provides smart homes)

– organizational study
– strategic planning workshops
– coaching for some of the board members

Tarján Food Ltd. (2022)

– complete organizational diagnosis

Eisberg Hungary Ltd. (2018 – 2022)
(a member of Bell Food Group)

– organizational study
– trainings for the whole board (10 members)
– coaching for some of the board members

Tungsram Group (2018)

– sales and project management training and follow-up

MÁV-HÉV Public Company (2018)
(a public transport comapny in Budapest– with 2000 employees)

– organizational study
– trainings for the whole board (10 members)
– coaching for some of the board members

T-Systems Hungary (2017 – 2028)
(with Horvath Consulting Ltd.)

– several sales trainings for managers and leaders

Attrecto (2017)
(a digital company with 40 employees)

– sales trainings
– trainings on process management – communication trainings
– business strategy adaptation.

DDB Hungary (2017)
(an international marketing agency)

– trainings (conflict resolution, improvement of cooperation)

MÁV-SZK Zrt. (2014 – 2016)
(a Shared Service Center – with 2000 employees)

– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching for board members and managers
- on-the-job training services for board members

Microsec Zrt. (2014)
(an IT company which provides service to full secure and convenient electronic administration – with 60 employees)

– organizational diagnosis
– training for leaders

MÁV Zrt. (2013)
(Hungarian Railways Co. with 36,000 employees)

- organizational research
- team-buildings and
– development programmes for top-level managers

GySEV – Raaberbahn (2011 – 2012)

– organizational research at whole verticum of the company
– CEO, top- and middle-level manager development programmes (launch of kaizen, total quality management) workshops, training, personal coaching

Pannon Kincstar School (2011 – 2013)

– organizational research
– business planning
– workshops, training, personal coaching develop of franchise culture
– launch of new process management system

Music Trainings (2010 – 2020)
art based trainings for board members

– Schibsted Hungary
– Canon Europe
– Itelligence (an IT-company with 80 employees)
– Magyar Telekom
– whole organization of Hoffmann Research International and TNS
– CEO and top-level managers of Erste Leasing Zrt.

4KIDS Ltd. ( (2008 – 2012)

– Team Building for the management
– launch of kaizen method

Alstom Hungary (2009 – 2010)

– organizational audit
– complex organization development programmes, coaching, training

Magyar Telekom Group (2007)

– social responsibility and project cooperation
– in- and outdoor training for the accounting department


Our collective tries to provide knowledge for the broader society on organizational behaviour.

George Ligeti PhD

A social psychologist and father of three children. He is the leader of the Collective.

Mónika Paulik

A trainer and coach. She also works for several non-profit organizations.

Sándor Bányai

A trainer and the leader of the "Kalandok és álmok" group which provides trainings for teachers.

Nikoletta Kovács

She is a trainer and a former head of a primary school. She is also member of the "Kalandok és álmok" group.

Angéla Szabó

She is a trainer and a mother of a toddler. She works for OD Partners.

Social Contribution

The HumanRobot Collective is always happy to provide pro-bono services for small, non-profit organisations. Every training session, coaching service and interview is offered at a cost of only HUF 1.

OMG! Not Training Again! (2013)
an animated short on forced team-buildings

An animated short in forced team-building trainings at companies. Script by George LIGETI and Eszter MUNKACSI. English text by Tamas NYESTE. Voices by Jan KONCSOL and Zsofia MIKLOSI. Music by LittnerBudapest. Watch on YouTube.


Our collective tries to provide knowledge for the broader society on organizational behaviour.

Droidok? [Are they droids?] (2017)

A book about humanistic organization culture for better employer branding. 298 pp. ISBN: 978-6-15-5113-130

CSR. Vállalati felelősségvállalás (2007)

Cooperation with Kurt Lewin Foundation 220 pp. ISBN: 978-9-63-8732-415

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